I got soooo lost!



i have this ugly mess runnin in my mind…
i learned from CD Freaks about the RAW method and what is SubChannel Data but i still encaunteing more terms and unfermiliar words like P-Q and P-W and EMF or somthing… isaw all these in clonecd and im just about to buy a new writer [the LG 52x 24x 52x] and it ain’t that good anyway but i dont have a choice cuz i aint got a lot of money 4 a better one but i dont know what is the simple way to make a perfect 1:1 copy and why is there so many profiles and methods 4 writing a CD at the blind way? isnt there any way just to press a few buttons and let the writer record a cd without all the mess and the options?? just READ and WRITE! dont correct, dont change dont modify anything…


different protections , different methods


Use the default Game CD profile. If you’re not ‘in’ the States then you can also see the Protected CD profile