I got problemwith a game's file

i started installing a game(Shogun:Total War (yes its an old game!)) without a problem in the beginning but when i inserted Disk2 i realised that it couldnt copy this file E:\Throne\InDoors\Uesugi\IdleShut.BIF . Can somebody help me with this??? :slight_smile:

Is the disc scratched? Is the disc an original?

the CD is not scratched, but it seems that a tiny part of “paper” (dont know from what kind of material the CDs labels are made) in the front of CD has unsticked. The CD is original.

I am sorry if i have made syntax mistakes :bigsmile:

If any part of the surface has lifted the CD is dead and probably will never work again.

Unless it is on the outer ring on a small sized cd, maybe.

If that’s the only file missing, it shouldn’t be illegal to download it, right?
Just find someone that owns it and ask them to compress and send it to you (I don’t know the file size and laws of country)