I got attacked by one of the worst viruses availible

It’s called Microsoft windows, it comes in different types, NT, 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP…

I accidentally got the XP version.

For a while it was just a nice little pet that did what I wanted it to do. It also showed me a lot of the nice tricks that it was able to do. But when it got bigger it started to stare suspiciously at me, sometimes not doing exactly what I wanted it to do. And when it got larger and larger it just got worse. Sometimes I had to try several times to get it to do what I wanted. Then one day it suddenly spoke to me…white text on a blue background and in a language that I didn’t understand. Then the pet ran back to it’s home and I had to start the daily trip from the beginning again. But now it was slow, it was even crawling, until it finally didn’t react at all. That forced me to go a trip with another pet I have, this pet is younger but far from as powerful and it was born injured so sometimes it also forces me to start the trip from the beginning again.

In the meanwhile I’m moving the first pet from its old house (A 40Gb house) to a new larger house (A 80Gb house), hoping that this will make it happy for a while more. I don’t like to kill it either since I’ve learned it to do many tricks the way I want them. And starting with a small pet again requires me to learn it all the tricks again…

The ultimate anti-virus for this type of software: Linux.

I just got my computer back from the shop, and they installed XP on it. When I called to complain, they used words similiar to these: “Why are you complaining? We got rid of that old outdated, slow, command line based OS made by communist hacker’s, and replaced it with the new, top of the line piece of bloat/spy-ware, which is at least a quarter as fast! Shouldn’t you be happy with that?”.

New pets are often cuter :slight_smile:

Revenge when you buy a new computer :

Let it have the new “free” mickeysoft os

Come back next day , say you don’t accept the license and demand the refund.

if possible complain you want the full retail price… you never asked for any operating system…

I’ve been a technician quite some years and the huge tip is … before you bring your computer to ANY company or “close friend with knowledge” make a BACKUP of your stuff !

If some technician willingly removed your Linux os and put up XP (without your permission) he’s not only doing illegal stuff (or did you get it for free with a reciept ?) , he’s stupid and should be shot on sight.

Customer: “I am using Microsoft Windows”
Helpdesk: “Yes?”
Customer: “and I have a problem”
Helpdesk: “Yes, you already said so.”



Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere
If some technician willingly removed your Linux os and put up XP (without your permission) he’s not only doing illegal stuff

You have to sign a form saying, essentially, that they aren’t responsible for anything they do. Until now, this hasn’t been a problem (very high quality and very cheap, eg. Athalon 2000+ with 512 meg’s ram and Asus RAID motherboard, all the works, for $900).

Windows 2000 is good. The rest is crap.

Originally posted by Kiki
Windows 2000 is good. The rest is crap.

That depends on what your doing. You cant really say the rest are crap as they all have different uses.

I have to agree, the 2000 version of the microsoft windows virus is the less dangerous of them.

That’s just my experience tough…