I go to play the cd, it says the cd is empty

I have a Dell Inspiron Laptop. The DVD/CD program that came installed is the Sonic Digital Media LE v7. I have had this for about 6 months or so…it has worked perfectly until now. I went to burn a cd today and it appears to do it. It goes through all the motions, even says complete. When I go to play the cd, it says the cd is empty …should I try to reinstall the program (I dont even know if it came with the restore discs or not) or can someone help?? Thanks alot.
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First, Ripit is correct.

Second, I would check and see if it’s set to finalize the disc, then I would check and see if Sonic DLA is installed (control panel/add-remove programs). If it is, I would remove it.

On a side note (the reason I actually wanted to post about)…
I’m sorry but I dont know much about copying music (I don’t ever do it). I helped someone at work get and install a benq 1655 (good drive) and he is having similar problems (disk do not show up or show empty). After some thought, I though copy protection (sony root kit etc). I could be way off so listen to answers from people that know about copying music, but if you dont know what root kit is, google it and find the remover.

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