I give up!

my fin car is giving me cold start probs :frowning: my dad and his brother are drinking themselves too death, I almost got run over by a bus yesterday as for some reason I went too get in the passenger seat in my car god knows why and then I heard a load of beeps and just had time too squash against the door and he missed me by fin inches, and now I have a girl in the USA giving me the run around. :a So the norm is usually 3 things go wrong, in mycase 4 things, ah well f*** life.:smiley:

Anway as long as you lot on the forum are ok thats all that matters. :smiley: Just hope you don’t have the bad luck I have had of late :frowning:

Greetz too The Forum live long and prosper well :smiley:

The grim reaper is after me:eek:


There was once a south african president who said: Alles sal rech kom
what means everything will be okay.

I guess you should releax some :slight_smile: