I give up Ritek

What about Ricoh DL’s?

I think you should use the discs as they are intended to be used. If this gives you problems you have reason to be worried like it’s the case with Ritek :wink:

(You actually produce 100’s of discs for individuals??)

Yes, mostly BETA, VHS & Movie Film 8mm/Super 8mm transfers, tons of that… I have never had ONE complaint with TY media, but given the bonding problems I would would not expect those discs to last too long.

The bonding issue with TY is known, and yet they still scan better after 1 year than any of my G05s, and I have used different varieties of them from Ritek branded to e-net and all have failed, yet none of my Verbs 8x has, except where I have scratched them beyond rescue. The good bonding in Ritek is also known, shame sbout the QC though.

As to the dust, I have had that in Verb sealed packages too. Dust gets in pure and simple. They don’t look at every disc and there are going to be the occassional off one. If you go through hundreds you are sure to see more than the average home user.

I have to agree with CJ though snapping discs is not using them as intended and so realy can’t be used to have a go at the manufacturers. Now if one came apart in a player that would be a different story altogether.

CJ I can go through quite a few each year being the only one in my family (adoptive to those who have read another thread) with a DVD writer and so I get family videos from them to convert/copy as they live in different parts of the world. It’s a pain in the arse but hey what can you do? Though I don’t go through 100s a year thankfully. It’s not that hard to imagine.

I think I’d still rather take my chances with TY than Ritek.


But don’t close yourself off from new experiences :wink:

TY may degrade … and then you will be lost … :wink:

Make a bad choice … and then you will be lost … :wink:

Also we have one report of TY going apart “unforced”, rest is guessing when ppl tear them apart. There’s a new thread with old TY showing ok quality. Parsonally i have 100’s of fine TY 1year+ but no 2year+ :frowning: All 1year discs are as new in any aspect = no change in errors - no falling apart lol

Still you never know…

TY may degrade … and then you will be lost … :wink:

Does the XBox and PS2 hold up well to TY CD-R (Such as Plextor or Verbatim Pastel make) bearing in mind the varying drive brands

As I often burn games which could easily fit onto a CD. Previously I thought ‘bugger it’ and just burnt them onto a DVD, but now the DVD cost will nearly be doubled I figure it would be wise to start using CD-R where possible

You’re trying to send me mental aren’t you lol.

Hey! There’s enough room under the insaneHat for many more :wink:

^ LOL! I definately need under there then!

[B]greg42[/B], Thanks for sharing your experiences with the TY.

The bonding issue may give problems over a longer period [I]if[/I] as people like [B]dakhaas[/B] (I think :confused: ) have remarked it causes potentially, oxidation issues. But without a time machine, we can’t answer that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t need a time machine just some measurements !

Ohh and about TY being sloppy with the other stuff. Yeah I’ve seen that on some 8x media. But current 16x media I’m seeing now longer has the problem.
Also according to some stores you should be able to return these. Because unlike the bonding issue this will fall under TY’s waranty !

It’s been a while since a witty post elicited a hearty guffaw, Well said, Johntea! :clap:

Other stuff =visible defects (dye and so ) /smudged printables.

Are speckle like marks on the edge of the media normal?

http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=1450179&postcount=10 one of my random G04 scans.


I burnt a pretty full DVD5 and the Nero CD/DVD speed graph seems to be nearly faultless without any spikes, I can’t seem to do PIE/PIO with NEC 3500

You simply can’t do QS with the 3500. First NEC to do QS was 3520 :wink:

Not exactly normal, no. But I have seem them in my latest 50pc cakebox of Verbatim 16x DVD+R made in India (MCC 004). The area from 4GB+ was a bit problematic to write without getting PIE/PIF spikes.

So it’s definitely not something you want on your media, but you’re not the first person to get such media.

It’s not neessarily the end of the world to get such speckle like marks - but I recommend you burn such media at 12x or even 8x to make it easier for the burner to track, focus and burn correctly at the edge.