I give up, burning problems

Backing up dvds is frustrating, I keep thinking I’m doing everything right but there is a problem with nearly every single burn.

Computer stats:

Intel Core 2 E6400
2 GB of Ram
Plextor 716-A (Frimware - 1.11)
Windows XP

Media - TY G02 DVD-R from rima.com

Basically the problem is with pixelation when I play back the burned copies, and also with the extras/bonus features not playing. This happens in both my hardware DVD player and on my computer. Honestly the DVD player I have is pretty bad, its a Lasonic that I got for free, but the problems also occur when I play the copied DVD on my computer.

The errors occur as slight skips in the movie or pixelation maybe once every 15 minutes - 1 hour. The odd thing is sometimes I will get a good playback with no problems in the main movie, whenever this happens I always seem to have problems with the extra/bonus features. They skip like crazy, and sometimes will not even play.

I know it has to be because of the burn process because I am ripping the dvd to an ISO. I can play these ISO files with no errors, its when I burn them that problems result.

I’ve tried nero, roxio, and Image Burn at various speeds. The one with the greatest success has been nero at 6x. The discs are 8x. At 4x or less I get more pixelation, at 6x or higher I seem to get less pixelation but more errors in menus and bonus features. I’ve tried this with multiple movies and multiple burns, I’ve spent a sick amount of hours watching and re-burning and have gone through a good 30+ coasters. I’m pretty much ready to just give it up, what else can I try?

Does the backup from HDD (not disk)play on PC with PowerDVD,WMP? Post a burn log…
What proggy r u using to make your backup? don’t give up!!!

the first thing you should check is if your TY’s are genuine and not fake , i never heard of fake TYs being sold on rima but i wouldnt rule it out yet , check the inner hub codes,see this thread for more info

Yes I mount the ISO image with Alcohol 120% and can play it in Power DVD or pretty much any software player just fine.

As far as the program goes I’ve had the best success with Nero. I don’t have a burn log right now, what would be the best way to obtain one and post?

C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero
ero history log
I would try a diff method then alcohol 120%… if you insist on iso try IMGBurn in build mode then burn…
There is also 1-click DVDFab Platinum, works great…

It seems a typical problem due to a bad burned media.

Can you do a PI/PO test of these discs with Plextools and post images?

Are you compressing the dvd as you rip it? What are you using to rip the dvd? If so that could be the problem. I think the best way backup a dvd is rip in file mode and then compress unless you know you’re going to burn to a dual layer dvd. That way you know you have the whole dvd on your HD and then you can also use various tools to delete unwanted portions for better quality compression. If you’re not already using them you should have a copy of Ripit4me, Dvd Rebuilder, and Vobblanker; you will find all of them over videohelp.com in their “tools” sections.

I have been compressing as I rip the dvd, I didn’t think that would be a problem because I have been playing back the ISO file on my HD and it works. There is no skipping and no issues. Could there be “hidden” errors that only show up after I burn the copy to the dvd?

The DVD are genuine TY, I checked out the code.

Anyway, here is a PI/PO test of a dvd that plays the main movie just fine but skips like crazy on the extras, it didn’t even complete all the way. Hopefully I did the right test:

PI/PO Test

So what am I looking at here, from what little I know I’m assuming all those massive peaks are bad. My media is definitely good right? My system should be able to handle the burning? Is the drive bad? What else is left?

Here is the Nero log for one of the DVDs I have attempted to back up. I’m not sure which one it is since it doesn’t seem to specify. A quick scan of it didn’t show me anything strange but what do I know.

Nero Log

You did the right test. :iagree:

There is something very wrong with the quality of this burn, it’s well below par for TYG02. :frowning: And there are 429 POFs (Parity Outer Failure), [B]there should be none at all on any decent DVDR burn.[/B]

So either something goes wrong with the burning process (What burning speed do you select for these TYG02, and how long does it take to burn a disc?) or your burner is (or starts being) looney, or your TYG02 media is defective in some way.

You need to sort this out either by burning some other media in you 716 and see if the results are better, or burn some of your TYG02 in another burner (and also check if the results are better). No other way I can think of…

Ok I threw some “crappy” Memorex media in my drive. This particular disc was a backup of some .mp3 files that I made. It hasn’t given me any problems so far. Here is the result of the PI/PO test:

Memorex Test

Hey, it’s a lot better right! There are no POE errors at all. I’ve been reading a little bit and I see that acceptable PIE errors are < 280, well I have some areas over 280 but for the most part the disc is within acceptable levels correct?

Anyway, I decided to dig these old Memorex discs up and try to burn a DVD movie with them. Unfortunately they were in the trash cause I tossed them out yesterday in frustration with all media. Luckily, I found them still in the spindle case next to a black banana peel and an appetizing, empty yogurt carton. Burned a movie, popped in to run a test and…

I waited…solved some physics problems…worked on my novel and…

Memorex DVD Test

It’s better too! Only 9 POF errors, again all at the beginning of the disc. I’ve noticed that on the “TY G02” all the POF errors were at the end of the disc.

So a few questions:

  1. How come these TY G02 discs are giving me so many problems, they are genuine. The inner hub code is GG007030. This makes them genuine right?

  2. If genuine, do these discs just not like my set-up?

  3. If I have a lot of PIE errors but no POF errors will the disc still work?

  4. Why are all the POF errors at the beginning of the disc on Memorex and at the end on the TY G02?

  5. What discs should I buy, I don’t know what to trust anymore since I thought I was getting “the best.”

Thanks for any help.

The results you have with the other discs are also [B]bad[/B] results: there should be no POFs at all in any case, and for PIE levels any decent burner/media combination should bring levels under 80! What most get with TYG02 are PIE levels < 30…

Looks like your burner is defective…

To be 100% sure, you could burn one of your TYG02 discs in a friend’s burner…

Answers to your questions:

  1. They are genuine
  2. Already answered
  3. That’s not that simple, scanning is not a precise predictive tool, besides all readers will react differently to a disc so it’s not a clear cut. But with such high PIE levels, there are many chances that some readers will have trouble reading these discs.
  4. Ask your burner :confused: :bigsmile:
  5. TYG02 are good discs, not the best in my book (see my list of favorite media in my sig) but still far ahead lots of other media. Try another burner :wink: