I get Write Error with Nero and NEC 2510A for .nrg files

I am using Nero and a NEC 2510A (upgraded to 2.16 NECs firmware)

When trying to burn .nrg files (created with nero from other CDs) it refuses to write ANY CD-R (any brand on any speed).

I get (at lead-in face at about 4%-5%) a write error message and my cds are gone for good (they are unusable after it :sad: ). The funny thing is that all work fine on simulation mode. Also when I transform .nrg to .iso (using a 3rd party program), Nero burns ISO images normaly with no problems :eek: .

Yesterday (19 sep) I checked NEro site for supported devices and It read that 2510A is supported since (which is not a.t.t.o.w uvailable :rolleyes:.

I have not tried DVD-R yet.

Could it be a defective device (and why does it work with iso then)?

Thanks in advance

Strange… Maybe .NRG is associated with some other program.
Are you running any Norton (Symantec) stuff.

BTW, what is on this “other CD´s”?

Be happy, there is probably nothing wrong with your drive!


I will do some more research today.

Yesterday I tried to write two .nrg images. One created with my previous CDR (Ricoh 12x) and 6.0.xxx Nero (that is what I ment with the other CDs)and the second created with NEC 2510A and Nero On the first one I failed as it never left lead -in face to go on Track mode (when buffers fils and recording is started). On the second NRG file it had no problem allthough it took it a wile before entering on truck mode. I do not run any AV software.

I need to investigate more (I will plug my NEC on another PC to see). If it works on the other pc, hardware is ok and I search for faults in OS or elsewhere. Mind that in the past I had a situation where my Ricoh did not burn CDs on speeds above 4x. Guess what it was… the Power Supply (my new VGA, at that time, did the job consuming more power than my old one). I had to replace the p.s. with a bigger one and came back to normal.

I only do video but perhaps my experience of .nrg files may be of some help. I have had problems with .nrg files burned to hard disk from .mpg originals by Nero Vision Express 2 and 3. When I burn the .nrg files from hard disk to DVD-R, using Nero Express and my NEC ND-2510A (FW 2.16), I get badly out-of-sync sound and vision and/or aspect ratio problems. Still waiting for comments from Nero to whom I sent the log files. I get the same problems with my other burner, which is a Pioneer 106D. In the meantime I find that burning the same .mpg files to hard disk as Video_TS folders, using NVE3, and then to DVD avoids both problems. I also find that Nero burns .iso files, created by my other video editing software (Sonic MyDVD), satisfactorily to DVD. The short message, based on my experience and what ksmith reports, is avoid .nrg.

I have none of these problems using Sonic MyDVD, but Nero transcodes and burns so very much faster that I keep persevering with it - and it is recommended by NEC for the 2510A and dual layer burning, which is why I bought the drive in the first place. (I got one usable dual layer disc out of five. Severe compatibility problems - but that is another story).

The 2510A is a cracking drive and works well with the other software I have tried, so I am sure it is not your drive which is faulty.

Anyone need any coasters? I have stacks. :sad:

Have you tried slower burn speeds?
And are you sure that it’s not a problem of the files encoded by Nero? Maybe you could test this by mounting one of the .nrgs to a virtual drive and playing them from there, though I’m not sure where your out of sync problems actually appear - on a DVD Player or everywhere?