I get Write Error with Nero and NEC 2510A for .nrg files



I am using Nero and a NEC 2510A (upgraded to 2.16 NECs firmware)

When trying to burn .nrg files (created with nero from other CDs) it refuses to write ANY CD-R (any brand on any speed).

I get (at lead-in face) a write error message and my cds are gone for good (they are unusable after it :sad: ). The funny thing is that all work fine on simulation mode. Also when I transform .nrg to .iso (using a 3rd party program), Nero burns ISO image normaly with no problems.

Yesterday (19 sep) I checked NEro site for supported devices and It read that 2510A is supported since (which is not a.t.t.o.w uvailable :rolleyes: ). Today it is not even mentioned on supported devices. I will use the removal tool (found on Nero site) and try to completly remove Nero and reinstall it.

Could it be a defective device (and why does it work with iso then)?

Thanks in advance