I get so mad at people sometimes how about you?

Today…my modem decided it wanted to die…actually it was last night but today they sent out a guy to fix it…He absolutly knew NOTHING about a computer…he finally put his boss on speaker phone and i did the typing…he didn’t know what or how to release an IP in DOS…and i told him dude i already did this like 10 times before i even called I NEED a new modem…sooooooo he got here at 12:30 and left close to 2:30…and what do ya know…I needed a new modem!!! :clap: DO i just look like a dumb ass or did i play one on tv???

of course it could have been the underwear on my head that tipped him off…

(he couldn’t get over the fact i didn’t even have internet explorer on my computer {LOL} he was like how do you browse the internet…I said see that OPERA…click on that…and see ) and just think they make 80 bucks an hour on house calls…

80 USDs per hour? Wow, that’s a lot more than what a lot of people here earn by working hard in dangerous and dirty places per 10 hours. Those who answer phone calls… may earn US$2 to US$3 typically.

I once had so many things with ISDN, TT, ADSL, and cable providers. Sometimes talking for hours and waiting for weeks and months. All history now since internet is just like electricity, plug and play.

“he couldn’t get over the fact i didn’t even have internet explorer on my computer {LOL} he was like how do you browse the internet.” Oh man that is hilarious!!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Some of them are unbelievable. I am just amazed that you even got through. I actually waited on hold for well over an hour for tech support after my satelite died, when I finally got through my cordless started to die… :eek:


But - guess who’s coming to dinner-eh!

I feel your pain, Been there, Done that :rolleyes:

I won’t even let them in the house anymore.

Sewer worker? lol :eek: What is dangerous and dirty place there Kenshin?

Glad YOU got it fixed :cool:

Living there comes to mind. The world is becoming a real nut case. Try it around here, USA NY. Go out at night and get shot. 18 people under age 16 killed in two months. :eek: I got to go buy me some nukes :iagree:

At least in South Korea, very many don’t even know there are operating systems like Windows 2003 and Longhorn, not to mention all kinds of non-Windows systems. Some don’t know just what to do facing an English edition of Windows, instead of Korean edition.

A lot…

*hit happens … =/

it’s nothing … my friend bough PC … long time ago … PC was fine … after 1 month something bad happens (DDR probobly died :P) he went to shop … and left pc on waranty ofkorz … he got callback from shop “sorry but the mainboard and Ram’s are broken … becase u input DDR in opposite side” … he asked “wtf!!!, it’s imposible they are asymmetrical cant connect DDR joint from other side… and i was working on that PC 1 month… u cant run PC whit that” … shop seller said “sorry we made a decision … it’s your fault!”

he :S

or i remember log time ago friend brough me new PC (Athlon 1.3 GHz or something)to repair … so i looked at it … after 1h of searching in hardware for reason why PC after every 3~5 min hang … i saw after removin Cooler CPU whit sticked label … on core … :X

dam stiupid shop sellers :S

it must be the p2p… i just had to get mine replaced also…

in checking just this one computer on the network i have recieved 4.412TB since 1/18/04. i guess it deserved to rest. my new modem is screamingly way faster (12 meg dl vs 3meg).

i hope your new modem lives long and downloads fast :flower: and maybe you should apply for a job where that dork worked and start making the $80 an hr

Hah she wouldn’t get the job, as requirements for tech support is an iq of no higher than 50 and you must know absolutely nothing about computers

I charge more per hour (well, my employer does…compared to the rate S_S mentioned)…three times that much, excluding VAT :wink:

"Well err you see missy. Them pear to pear programs heat up the modum. Thank the Lord i have me this laptop here that’ll fix your pc up real good. I hafta remove the pear programs and that ugly red O on your desktop can’t be good for your health, i will remove that too.

Next we have the shoe polish, to wax up your modem. Don’t tell mu Boss but now you can surf twice as many!"

hush!!! don’t you dare JINX it! i didn’t tell them i have a date with the dude.!!! :disagree: till now…ok yeah he is coming over Friday …:smiley: thats in a few hours…(wonder if i should charge 80 bucks an hour :bigsmile: )

I so totally agree… even this big boss on the other end of the phone was like ??? what? when i said it will not release my IP and it keeps saying that DHCP release/renew failed giving my DSN number as he was like i’ve never heard of that…it must be your NIC card… :bigsmile: i was like …why not just TRY a new modem and see if it works…

and low and behold …it did

ROTFLMFAO :clap: everyone needs a big O… :bigsmile:

I have a Billion modem/router. Best. Router. Ever!

ummm well when i did 5+ years at G=====Y we actually had quite a few MCSE and A+ certified but being a computer manufacturer that would be different than an ISP. honestly it would sometimes be a race to the bottom as to which was dragging the gene pool down farther (the tech or the customer) i actually did 3+ yrs of advanced support so i got to clean up all the messy things and in this case i would have simply had S_S unplug the modem from the net card and cycle the release renew (which most likely would have worked) to see that it was the modem.

MCSE = Microsoft Certified Solitaire Expert. You are right about which is worse though, A few years ago I was in tech support and couldn’t believe how stupid most people were even the support guys. There were 8 of us working there and only one other person actually knew anything about computers.