I get filesizes of 4.37Gb everytime using IC (guide inc)

we all complain about the resulting filesize regading IC

If your file is over or under the blank DVD limit after the 1st run, well here is how to reduce/increase it after the 1st run within as little as 10 minutes


read the full guide and you will see at the bottom I suggest it is better to oversize and decrease the extras, rather than increase them. This keeps the movie (the most important factor) at it’s highest quality

any questions just ask, but don’t knock it till you’ve tried it cos it works just fine for me, and if you do have problems just post and I will offer advice

I’ve got IC eating outta the palm of my hand :smiley:

I have even got a filesize predicting program using Excel, if people are interested. You input each titles original video data and what % you allocate it. Saves the guessing and I oversize everytime now by just a fraction. IC is unpredictable when it comes to extras but the movie due to it’s size is a little more predictable

I have recorded every piece of data for the last 15 movies and looked at the relation between the original/predicted/actual video sizes and what % was allocated for each Title within the DVD (that’s some data I can tell you)

Removing Audio/Subs does not affect the resulting video only filesizes either, only by a tiny amount (less than 0.01%)

rather than using IC to remove Titles, I suggest you use Ifo edit as it does the job everytime with 100% accuracy when used correctly whereas IC doesn’t. I would post a guide for that but there are plenty available but I will mention for you to only delete the relevant VOB’s ID’s within a VOB and not just all of them as some VOB’s contain tiny VOB’s ID which are important to the DVD’s structure

using this info you will realise the full potential of this excellent tool when used properly with DVDDecrypter & Ifoedit

I have a few more tips but cannot recall them at the moment, but I can say check the menu as sometimes if you set it to 50% it is actually not 50% of the total size so keep the main menu at around 60% as this causes no errors compared to setting it to 30%

Hope this helps at least one person, if so job done :smiley: