I get a locked up PC or error mesage when converting files from xvid & divx

Hello all

I am probably one of your newest and oldest memebers seeking your help.

I live in the N-East of England, I enjoy most things to do with the repair, upgrade of PC’s I have never bought one prefering to build my own, thats what I always do.

My work is not that exciting nor is it something I like to discuss.

I love bikes own a 2000 Honda VFR800 have been to most places in Europe on it last places being France, Belgium, Germany, Spain & Portugal.

I love spare ribs and BBQ sauce oops (chips too dont tell the wife!)

I have a small problem with dvd2svcd I followed the Chickenman’s advice and it worked a treat managed to convert several x-vi, div-x files.
Now using exactly the same settings I get a locked up PC or error mesage, I mainly get a time left for conversion of around 35,000 to 48,000 hours! (I dont have that much time left on Earth) has there been any one else given advice on how to cure this or is this the first time its cropped up? What am I doing wrong or not doing.

Windows XP
I have AMD 1800 Athlon ™ 1.54 GHZ
512 SD
Nvidia GeForce4 MX440 8xAGP
Plenty of HD NTFS space
Have ticked Add Resample Audio due to AMD CPU

I close every thing down virus killer (McAfee) all other useless stuff whilst converting even disable internet connection.

Can any one help or is it one of the official xp upgrades giving me griefe being unable to rectify this problem?