I gave my W162C writer for service but it still dosent write properly

i gave my samsung TSST Sh w162C writer to a samsung service center because i was getting a write error whenever i was writing dvds with it. i already posted the problem i had some time back with a nero error log at


i have bought a bulk of the substandard DVDs which i agree are not very good but it is not possible that each and everyone of those dvds are bad. and when i went to take my writer from the service center under the action taken section it said “buffer replaced”. would this have solved my prob or they have not done their job properly. BTW please suggest what i should do cuz i only have a week left for my warranty to be over and i dont want to pay for some major fault that my writer could have .

What do you expect from crap media?

Buy decent ones, try again.

As suggested in previous thread.

Use better media and update firmware.

<laff> There’s no such thing as a batch of media that’s 100% all bad, especially if you’re writing with verification. Come on, guys; you gotta know there’s more going on here than that.

What do you mean by writing with verification.

DVD-RAM writes with verification and the162c don’t support dvd-ram.

OK guys i solved my problem . i dont know what kind of dvds they were but they were giving an error when i was writing them at a 4X speed but when i wrote them at an 8X speed no error. the same thing happ when i wrote the dvds at 4x on someone elses writer.

Thanks for ur help everbody