I.G.I 2 Safedisc 2.8 or Starforce 3

I hope this is in the right place but I was wondering if anyone else has this game(I.G.I 2 - Covert Strike). I used ClonyXXL to scan the first CD and it reported back Safedisc 2.8. I burnt a copy with Clone CD no problems with my Lite-on 48125W.

Then onto disc 2 so I used ClonyXXL to scan the disc and it appeared to scan the disc and then asked was the game installed and I pointed it to the folder where it was and it reported back the Starforce 3 protection was in use.

So I tried to make a copy of the disc with Clone CD first with the data profile and then with the protected game profile and both ended up as coasters. The install procedure would stop at around 90%.

So has anyone any ideas on what protection is on disc 2 ?? or is definately Starforce 3 so I can forget about trying to copy it.

Safedisc 2.80.010

Well I know the first disc is safedisc 2.8 but the seconded one is the one I’m curious about.

I just tried it with the Safedisc 2 no AWS profile and it still wont install.

I tried a straight copy under Nero Express and that didnt work either.

The disc copies fine no read errors or anything just like a normal unprotected disc but when installing it stops near the very end while trying to unpack a sound file and then says installation error and quits.

Has anyone else been able to backup disc 2 successfully

It’s SD2.8. But It also has FADE on it as well. I have made a back up of mine as it is but I haven’t tryed it as yet cuz I’ve been busy working. I’ll try it when I finish work tonight

Also if I remember rightly Clone CD has trouble backing up SD2.8 games. I couldn’t get it to copy NFS:HP2 and C&C:Generals. Try using Blindwrite to make the back up

Doh!! It was my fault it wasnt working the media I was using was the cause. These Memorex 700MB CDR’s worked fine with other safedisc 2.8 stuff I backed up.

However they would not work with the twinpeaks method of backing up securerom 4.8 stuff so I used a Philips CD-RW 700MB which do work and after the copy the game installed fine.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the help.

“It’s SD2.8. But It also has FADE on it as well.”

Operation Flashpoint had also FADE, but at least in OF it activated only if you used cracks and it wasn’t a problem for 1:1 backups.

Supi Suomalaine>> Thanks for that, I wasn’t to sure how FADE worked and didn’t have to much time to find out.

how to check for FADE? wait till something goes missing?

I think that in instalation is written ORIGINAL GAMES DO NOT FADE.