I found the answer. This might help you



If anyone has been following my problems, I have not been able to copy the video my VHS tapes but couldn’t get sound and they would stop playing in my stand-alone DVD player after 6-9 seconds, returning to the main menu. I busted my bumm for 3 weeks (obsessive/compulsive) and finally someone suggested a media problem. Here is what I was doing (wrong).

In my desire to save disks, I was burning onto a RW. Seems the player(s) don’t work well with RW as I was told by a local computer geek friend.

Sure enough, I tried it on a single burn Khypermedia DVD+R and it played full length with sound.

Seems logical since there is a physical difference between R and RW.

I do have one final VHS copy protection issue which I will post separately and will appreciate input.

Thanks to all who have assisted me.