I found spyware in Nero,WHY?

After installing the latest nero i ran a spyware check as it was about time i did and i picked a a piece of spyware,after checking it i found it can from nero and was running in my systems memory,i understand that in free stuff you download you it nearly always contains spyware but why the hell should i pay for something then have it spy on me,the spyware in question was called
Eacceleration. Anybody know this piece of crap and why the hell i had it??:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Are you absolutely sure? I’ve got Nero installed, and can find no sign of eAcceleration on my machine according to the documentation I found about it on the Internet. I didn’t check for every possible sign, but I think I’ve been thorough enough.

Are you sure that you haven’t installed something else somewhere along the line that might have contained it?


Yes it was from nero as i traced it to the nero program files installed on my system:iagree:

Exactly how did you trace it? Sorry to press the point - but I can’t find any sign of eAcceleration on my system. Some details would help in trying to track down whether there’s a genuine problem or whether your spyware checker has raised a false alert.


I have adaware 6 pro and spybot, and both up to date and I never found any spyware after installing nero

I used Spy Sweeper,after i had deleted it i uninstalled nero and then reinstalled it and lo and behold the spyware showed up again in the nero program files again.

Judging by the two replies you’ve got, I think that your ‘sweeper’ program may be giving a false positive, urwise.


I think you are right as i ran another spyware prog and nothing was found,thanks for everybodys input.:smiley: