I found some stolen key


I just stumbled upon this AnyDVD keyfile on the net, to who do I have to send it ?

Julien1998 -

Suggest providing the information to SlySoft (support(at)slysoft.com (replace (at) with @).


OK thanks. Done. :slight_smile:

Just curious, how do you know it was stolen?

jamoskeag3 -

I don’t see anywhere in Forum Member Julien1998 original posting that there was any mentioning that the referenced AnyDVD Key File was “Stolen”.


You may wish to refer to the subject of this thread.

I stand corrected.


If it is on the Net, it must be…Stolen?

No, but at least illegal :iagree:

Alot of good shit is online these days. Makes people wonder…

this whole thread is just funny, but BeLookin’s assumption is 100% logical when you read the heading and his text part together.

could you clarify what you just said. Thanks

naughty naughty

The key in question has been sent to Slysoft. Enough said.:clap: