I found deanimator - and he's killing zombies!

Locate him here!. He needs your help! :bigsmile:

I knew it!

ARGGH i got to 40 and stopped…it was kinda …lame

Hey…but, which one am I?


They just keep coming! It’s like land of the dead!

Keep them comin’.

I’ll show them my favour gunnie. :smiley:

How can you get to 40?!?

Shoot em when they’re down :stuck_out_tongue:

And here I was thinking you were good at shooting :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant…how do you have stamina to do 40? :bow:

Arrr … I managed 120 while watching South Park on the other half of my obscenely over-sized monitor :stuck_out_tongue:

What the hell is A.D.D?

just how many times can you hit TAB and ENTER
i finally got tired and stopped

Mouse click, my dear :wink:
Who uses keyboards anymore? :stuck_out_tongue:

i like keyboard shortcuts :wink:

and i wasted like 5 minutes on that…i’m sure Airhead will spend hours doing it to get some UNGODLY amount and give us a screen shot

I never thought i would hear these words from you :stuck_out_tongue:

i’m just resting up for our baby oil filled naked twister game dear!

I think that’s enough rest…i’m ready to play!

I doubt it …

He’s either already spent hours getting an ungodly amount & hasn’t posted the screenshot …


He’s in the process of doctoring the screenshot :stuck_out_tongue:

Have some pepsi max.
I’m sure there is something morally wrong with flirting with multiple women simultaneously … something that can only happen on the internet :stuck_out_tongue:

:confused: I don’t recall :stuck_out_tongue:

ok so i killed 15 minutes to get to this stage…and they kept coming and coming…and coming like 10 at a time…so heres my last attempt at killing those zombies

HRR…HRRMMMM!!!Exactly WHAT are YOU playing???:eek: :eek: :o :bigsmile: