I Found A Bug in 1.21

Just tried to run dvd2one 1.21 and am greeted with this message…

Protection Error:

Debegger detected - Please close it down and restart!

Windows NT Users: Please note that having the WinIce/SoftIce service installed means that you are runnning a debugger.

Tried 1.20 again and it’s working fine as usual. Any ideas what can be done to rememdy this?

I have the feeling i already answered this before.

I suspect that you have either a very drastic antiviral solution, scanning your memory or some virus has a system hook running at your system and DVD2one thinks that it is a debuger like softice.

Thanks for the help ReneB.

I don’t actually use antivirus software, so I installed Norton AntiVirus 2003 and updated it to the latest definitions and then did a full search. But nothing was found.

Any other ideas?

Disable everything that should not be running on your system.

Btw imho Norton and mcAfee are the most useless virusscanners known to man. Try something like kaspersky, found viruses on systems even when the above said the system was clean!

There is nothing running on my system ReneB, i hate having all those little icons in my system tray so i disable anything that wants to run automatically anyway.

I’ll give Kaspersky a go and see if that can find anything. Thanks for the additional help. I’ll let you know if the problem gets solved.

@ RealaT

Try to look into task list (Ctrl-Alt-Del) for presence of mdm.exe (machine debug monitor); if present, kill process from list and try to launch DVD2one.
DVD2one is packed wit ASProtect… somethime the new ASProtect anti-softice routine detection (wich use IsDebuggerPresent API), found mdm as softice.

I’m registered asprotect user (for my software protection) and i have similar problems with my products.

Had a look, and no sign on mdm.exe

Any more ideas?

same problem. 1.2.0 is ok 1.2.1 gives the debugger question.

cannot find the source for this. Ran kaspersky found nothing.

Well this isn’t looking good :frowning:

I hope future versions of dvd2one aren’t affected by this.