I formated my drive... How can I recover my files?, Please help!

I formated my drive and need to recover all my files. How can I do this? With what program? I used a prog called Virtual Lab and I can see all my files, but to recover them I have to pay 200$… Any other solution?

Bummer!!! Think you will end up having to fork out the cash to someone. but if someone here know’s of a way to do this I would sure like to know

couldnt find anything on sourceforge. i imagine there are old dos tools for it, but i didnt learn near as much about dos as i should have. how exactly did you format your drive?

I don’t know if it works , but you can download the trial version here .

You could try GetDataBack to see if it can see your data. You need, however, a Windows PC to run GDB from (you’ll have to attach the hdd to a PC running Windows).

From their website, a free version can be downloaded. This version doesn’t do any recovery, but it can tell you if recovery is possible… (that’s a good start I guess).

You can try this Guide it has some tools you can use :slight_smile:

Full format or Quick format? If not sure, how long did it take and how large is the drive you formatted?

Quick format, then, I merged 2 partitions with partition magic

Well, hearing that it was a quick format, I would say that you have a greater chance of recovery and I would try every trial software or freeware I could find in hopes that one would work. However, I do not know much about how Partition magic works and how it allocates and instructs pointers/references to other files on a hard disk. Nevertheless, it never hurts to always try.

Good Luck.

i agree with get data back …I have used it for full format …fdisk and quick format …and just virus attacks …very good product …just need another pc to connect too and it works

I had similar problems and minor success with a freeware program called PC-Inspector:


There’s only one major problem, if the disc you want the recover the files from is the only drive and therefore you have to install the recovery software onto the formatted space. In this case you might overwrite sectors that contain files that afterwards cannot be restored anymore.

A solution are tools that run completely from a removable media like a diskette or a cd/dvd. The Linux/Debian distribution Knoppix would be such a solution. It runs completely from a cd and helps to recover files, even from non Linux operating systems:


thought i would write this since hariskar has not posted it …he used getdata back and recovered 90 percent of his files … he Private message me with his results …so thought i would share since i wondered too if he got it back …but hey i have used getdata back and love it …


giovanni42104 it was not nessesary make this post… I would post what happened as soon as I had time.

So, I used GetDataBack for NTFS and it as you know I hava about 90% of my data back. It was the easiest prog of all and the most effective.
Thank you very much for your helping me!

sorry if i offend hariskar …but glad you got it back woohoo

You did not offend me giovanni42104, you helped me a lot! But I felt a bit rude to see the guys who helped me be informed about what happened by someone else. But this is my fault, not yours, I should have post earlier. But I had a lot of work to do to fix my drives again and I was a lot out of home.