I Flashed our Drive



I flashed our Sony DDU 1621 DVD Rom, I think I stuffed up the drive, I cannot open the door to the drive. I followed the instructions on this website: http://digi.rpc1.org/mtkflash.htm

Our Cd writer is not showing up in my computer, neither is the DVD Rom or the floppy drive. I made a boot disk copied the files to the floppy disk then I did a backup of the firmware in dos of the DVD Rom drive first then rebooted the computer. The CD Writer was there in my computer. I then rebooted into dos then flashed the DVD drive. Then booted the computer back up again and had the hard drive, cd writer and floppy drive in my computer. I tried to reinstall the CD Writer then noticed the floppy drive missing in my computer. I have also tried to detect the Cd writer and DVD Rom drives through the Bios but it did not work. How can I get the drives working again? The computer is 3 years old, only the hard disk is under warranty.

We have windows xp home edition installed with sp1. I wanted to flash the DVD drive to see if it would work with a game.