I Flash 20A3P's FW to 20a3s(190s exactly),now what can I do to save my Burner?

Now I can’t flash any fw to it and it self check as 20a3p。But the LED is allways on if only plug the electric cable on,and if plug the sata cable on the led will regularly flash。

Anyone konws how to flash my burner back to 20a3s?

Did you try ltnflash tool?

Hello Wind, he already tried to flash the drive with ltnflash in serial mode by clicking the SFlash button and a 20A3S .BIN firmware, but still failed. Is there any special instruction to use ltnflash to for upgrading firmware?

I try to seek for help from our engineer, please wait.

From our engineer’s reply:

I think he might need to enter pure DOS mode and use XSF to flash the drive.

Please try it.

Wind, I wonder if XSF supported SATA drives?

From our engineer again:

Dear Wind,

From the article, he flashed PATA drive with SATA F/W, so I think his system is PATA.

But anyway, our XSF supports SATA drives for a long time.


Thank you,wind & skylon.
My system environment is sata, I flashed Sata drive with pata s/w.
I will try the XSF.

thank you everyone.