I find a programmer for pcf7931 .... have you got a project fot it?

Hi … i find a programmer for pcf7931 … have you got a project fot it?? thanks Dalle

A little bit more explanation would be helpful, as I don’t understand at all what you are asking for?

ps changed your subject, as “Hi” doesn’t say anything about your question and people may, as a result, ignore it.

What does your programe do ? Stanmore

or is there a link/website for it?

what kind of project are you talking about?

or is this some kind of ad?

:confused: :confused: :doh:

It’s a few months old is what it is…so I’m guessing the OP won’t give an answer now…

bahaha i didn’t see the date on it!

i really have to remember to check dates when threads are bumped by new posters haha

It is an old thread but you guys were wondering about it did a google got this. It also does some type of data sheet catalogging too.





Haha thanks Doc, I must admit I was wondering, just a bit :bigsmile:

Yea it slow everywhere the past few days so I thought I’d google for it since this thread was started in feb, and getting hits now it had to be looked into.