I finally understood

…that the Nero icon is a burning colloseum! And that was all because of Nero, the emperor!
Finally it makes sense!
JIHAAW! :smiley:

Just information: the Coloseum was not burned down by Nero because it was build after his death by emperor Vespasianus and his son Titus.


i didn’t recognize what was in the icon neither. But that was years ago…I knew who Nero was and what he had done…
but they really should make the icons bigger


I made the connection Nero-Nero, but thought it was just coincidence. I didn’t realize what the burning colosaeum was.

But Rome (ROM, haha! :)) was burned down by Nero, and Colloseum is the greatest symbol of Rome… :cool:

The guys at Ahead really thinked when they namned their product… Name another software with such an well reasoned title! :slight_smile:

nero was actually mental [literally mad/crazy]
the ahead boyz are pretty mad too [not] :wink:

This text can actually be found in Nero`s helptool:


Nero Claudius Caesar

born in the year 37 A.D., died 68 A.D. Roman Emperor from 54 - 68, son Aggripinas, adopted by Emperor Claudius, intitally ran a constructive government with Seneca, in agreement with the Senate, had his mother murder Agrippina, he freed himself of sensible advisors, appearances as artiste and chariot driver; carried out sovereign court cases; put the blame for the Great Fire of Rome on the Christians; first persecution of Christians. Pisonic conspiracy in the Senate against Nero failed - even greater repression. Uprisings in Gaulle, Spain and Africa provoked the decline of the Pretorian guard and its ostracism in the Senate: comitted suicide (68) - serious empirical crisis in Rome.

In earlier versions of Nero, there was a file called hello.txt or something in the Nero directory. I think it had the same text as above, plus a little info on why the name Nero was chosen.
This file seems to have been removed now, however. :frowning:

i remember that txt file too:rolleyes:


nice avatar trondos…where did you get the idea from ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Originally posted by Huzzy

nice avatar trondos…where did you get the idea from ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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LOL, I got it from http://www.freeavatars.net/
That pic just felt right for me…:cool:
I found some other cool ones too, I could change to another if you like? If you want to be recognized as the only “catman” around here? :stuck_out_tongue:


catman ?

its garfield…not that im a comic fan…but common…you have to have heard of garfield ?

Yes, I have heard of Garfield (He is called Pusur here in Norway, BTW).
I just wrote that in a joking manner, meaning to ask something like: if you wanted to be the only one associated with cats around here? :confused:

I tend to like both sleeping and eating, and have Garfields tendency to gain weight :mad: , so I thought it was a suitable avatar for me! :smiley:

feel free to use whatever avatar u like :slight_smile: