I finally moved from LiteOn to BenQ

Until now I’ve used a crossflashed LiteOn 401S@811S to burn DVDs. (I’ve always been a huge LiteOn fan from the CD days). The quality scans were OK (PImax always < 150 and PIFmax always < 4) but the excellent result from BenQ 1620 owners convinced me to move on to BenQ 1620.

Today I got my drive and I’m so happy right now. My first scan is very good :slight_smile: (The media came from a bad batch of MCC002 media (same spindel))

A new happy BenQ 1620 owner :smiley:

Welcome to the BenQ forum :cool:

Welcome and stay tuned to this fast moving forum. You will learn a tremendous amount from experts across the world in no time at all.

May the BenQ always be with you or is it the force be with you???

Anyways welcome!

Welcome aboard shipmate! I am learning also. The people on here have been great and have taught me a lot. Enjoy! :slight_smile: