I Finally Got Mtk To Work

Like I said I got it to at least start but I end up with this error. File format mismatch.

I have a Liteon 16102B cdrw. using the bin file from oc-freaks site. Im guessing its because thats not the proper firmware for my drive. anyone wanna give a go at this problem?
Update: i managed to extract the firmware from the drive. the size is 256KB and the one I downloaded is 539KB. Silly me tried to use the extracted firmware to fix it knowing its no good :slight_smile: help will be much appreciated.

Hi there, I’ve included a link where I had some problems with using MktFlash and using bin files. Hope this helps, if not post again and I see if I can help:


chrome ;0)

U ROCK MAN!! ALL FIXED!! what it is is the mtkflash w /b the /b for that doesnt work so i took it off and all set. if u want oc freak i could get u one to replace that bin file cause no one needs to be stuck like i was.

that would be nice as I miss a working bin file for LTR-16102B!!!


ok im about to reboot and get it for u. But weird now i cant update the firmware.