I finally figured out how to make my XJ-HD166S read DVD-RAM!

Well, I got stuck with this problem about a month ago and some of you tried to help me.

I bought an XJ-HD166S (aka LTD-166S) to read my DVD-RAM but it didn’t work. People said it worked; other people said it doesn’t; tech support says it doesn’t; DVDInfoPro says it should… it was quite a massive headache.

The only reason I didn’t RMA it back was because I bought it for a measly $30; and I didn’t want to pay to ship it back and then get docked with a 15% restocking fee too; might as well keep it for a rainy day.

Well, today, I stumbled upon something called a DVD-RAM driver. Out of curiosity, I installed it and then hooked up my drive again… AND IT WORKS !!!

Maybe this is the problem why some people (including the clueless tech support people) think it doesn’t.

I found the XP driver here:


I think there’s a separate one for W2K too.

Good luck.

I hope that’s one mystery solved.

That’s interesting… didn’t know that drivers were necessary. Thanks for the report!

Yes, I remember your post…excellent…thanks for letting us know. :slight_smile:

After reading your mail I promoted my office DELL OEM JLMS XJ-HD166 (no S) DD05 (no firmware DVD-RAM support) to a JLMS XJ-HD166S DS1C. Under XP SP1 it reads a UFS2 DVD-RAM without the additional driver you needed on your system.