I fell down the stairs



Carrying a broken PC desk chair, It was painful :a and funny :slight_smile: at the same time.


No Im not laughing at you…ok I lied…

Thanks for sharing your accident with us… :wink:


Well, at leat the chair was already broken, lol.


are ya ok???

*laughing * snickeringrolling in the floor


is the chair ok?.. oh it was already broken never mind then :bigsmile:


While walking across the car park behind my office one day, while carrying a PC, I tripped on one of those metal brackets used to lock cars in that are illegally parked. I went one way, and the PC went in about sixteen different directions across the car park. In the rain.

PC still works perfectly. :bigsmile:


my wife regularly falls up the stairs!!!


Yeah the chair was already broke, those stairs are a bloody death trap it has 2 less steps than a normal stairs so it makes it steeper than normal, it was just a matter of time, as i was going down i thought ‘well this isnt as painful as i thought it would be’ until i stood up! this morning our neighbours asked us if we heard a loud bang and they said they ran up their stairs as they thought one of their kids had fell out of their bunkbed :slight_smile:


drink and stairs don’t match :bigsmile:
i hope u get ok :slight_smile:


your post just reminded me about the time i was at a party and was threading my way between the bodies on the stairs, when my freind behind me thought it would be a good idea to give me a shove from behind. well as i was flying down the stairs head first i did the natural thing, reached out to grab something to stop me/slow me down, well as i passed in between these two girls i grabed a handfull of hair in each hand and when i got to the bottom i still had two handfulls of hair :eek:


lol unlucky
hope you feel better soon


OUCH, hope you’re feeling better now.


Im perfectly fine now i just went down on my back lol, slipped on my sock i reckon :), im glad i’d taken the baby gate off the stairs 5 mins before though!


Yeah, that may have been the first time a baby gate did more harm than good!


When I was a kid, one of my chores was to clean the stairs in the house (i.e., take all the items that were placed on it to the respective person’s room and then sweep it down). Well one time my mother complained to me that the stairs were still too dusty, so I swept them again. The following day I got yet another compaint about my workmanship. By now I was becoming quite annoyed by how picky my mother was with the cleanliness of said stairs, so I decided to breakout the big guns and use Pledge on the stairs (essentially waxing). As a result, the stairs shone like glass and weere slicker than black ice. Both my parents wiped out, all of my sisters took a dive and even my poor grandmother and the dog fell down the stairs. No one took headers so it was nothing awfully tragic. Your feet would kick up and then you would bounce on your a$$ all the way down.

As a result, my mom never complained about dusty stairs again. :slight_smile:


Ahhh yes!!! But was the chair working alone? :wink:



I did (kinda) once when i was like 10, my feet decied to miss the last 3/4 steps :stuck_out_tongue: