I Feel So Stupid - re Nero V. Video

OK, a couple of years ago, on my old Dell Latitude C800, I burned some videos using my Yamaha cd writer onto CD-Rs. I have Nero v. NOW, I can’t remember how I did it and I have spent all morning running through the process and throwing out cds that didn’t play after I wrote them. Can someone here who still has this old version run me through the steps again, or point me to an old website that has these steps. I tried the both the “wizard” and tried it manually, tried one at a time instead of 6 short videos, and they are all mpeg files. Help! :bow:

Look at this forum’s post:


The discussion was about a similar problem, and the first indication points to an obvious link when it comes to video issues:


but it may pay if you read the actual posts.

I assume you were talking about VCDs (made from Mpeg1 video files), otherwise seach for SVCD with Nero at Videohelp.