I feel like my burns have gotten worse ,,,,

i feel like my burns have gotten worse even though Im stepping up the quality of my media. Doesnt matter if its done on my 3500 or my 1620/1610.
I usually follow all of the “rules” defragged, right cables, good discs, etc. But I m not getting the results I was getting before, with mcc media, verbatim 16x great media but the stuff I have now is supposed to be great too.
Can someone give me their opinion.
EDIT: I admit that I should have defragged my HD before this burn but it cant make that much diff.
From now on I guess I stick with my spindless stacks of ritek Ridata 8x. Booya

I usually use -R on my 3500 but I would be very happy with the above scan. The only thing out of order is the higher number of PIF errors and the few peaks above 4 but this disc is much better than the stuff I used to get a year ago. I usually use Liteon and I know BenQ scans at 8X, but I would guess the PIF rates are related to 8X.

the media Im using is good, so how else can I lower the PIF’s?

It’s the best this media can do, but it’s still a very good result. See this scan in the BenQ forun:

FYI, BenQ scans can have PIF spikes up to 16 or even 32 in some cases, and still be readable. :wink:

I hope they are still readable, because I have had discs with much, much worse results than this and they still read in a dvd player, I mean most discs with even a 65% score will still read in a standalone player.