I feel left out :( :\

hi everyone…juss came aboard and i feel left out seeing all you guys have verified rebaged lite on drives…well i got a new pacific digital 48x12x48 and i was hoping it was a lite on. when i popped it in my computer…nero reports back as CDR-5W48…the thing is when i check PD’s website for new firmwares for the 48x drives…all i see are lite on firmware and when i try to flash by using those…they wont flash :frowning: i dont kno what to do…please brighten up my day…thanks:confused: :confused: :confused:

It’s likely to be a rebadged Lite-on LTR 48125W.

You can try (at your own risk) flashing to Lite-on firmware by using the firmware binary files with the MTKFlash installer. See the instructions at http://forum.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=42502

You can find the firmware binary files at http://www.alexander-noe.de/Firmwares/

Back up your original firmware first following the MTKFlash instructions before installing the new firmware. :wink:

Flashing with the Lite-on firmware will probably void your Pacific Digital warranty. Of course, if you can flash it back to the original firmware, this is irrelevant. :bigsmile:

How is you’re current firmware identified? If it’s a LiteOn it’ll be 4 characters, letters and numbers.

its vsg3 for the 48x one, nothing like my 32x rebadged lite on:confused:

If it’s a MT chipset, you can copy you current firmware with MTKFlash. If it’s not, you’ll do no harm. (in theory). Then just try flashing the LiteOn firmware of your choice. Start with VS08, cause thats for the “5” series chip. (48125W) If that doesn’t take, try 6S02, which it for the “6” series. (52246S) Odds are pretty good that you’ll be happy with the results.
Sounds like LiteOn to me.