I feel I need to say this

When I bought the program there were updates every few weeks, this is why I thought it was a good investment to buy it. But now it takes about a year before a new (minor) update is released. Dual layer support? Great! But other burning software (even FREEWARE!) had this option for over 6 months.
The one big change is the online activation, which only annoys customers (re-activation needed after every hardware change, even USB harddrives etc).
Since I was no longer a happy customer, I complained on their forum, and also here.
Result: I got my access removed from their customers forum, and my other posts about the subject either get deleted or edited to hide the truth.

That is the kind of company Alcohol Software is. They take your money and make you shut up if you ever have complaints.

The reason I’m posting this here is obvious: They can not modify or delete my postings here, and there are a lot of (potential) Alcohol customers around here who have the right to know how this company treats his customers in case of complaints.

I never used any rude language on the Alcohol forum, anyone can feel free to check for themselves (my username there is Reef).

It is not my intention to start a flame war here, that is why I will not reply anymore in this topic. I also sincerely hope the comments can be kept civilized, so this topic does’nt have to be closed or deleted by the mods (I wouldn’t blame them for doing so if things get out of hand ;))

I think it’s not very nice to start a topic like this one. I’m not an Alcohol employee at all, but AFAIK Alcohol support works as hard as they can, and the Development Team tries to deal with the problems report by users as well.
The next Alcohol version is being internally tested right now, but there’s no scheduled release date. They’re updating the software often now. What would expect to see? StarForce 3 blacklist removing? Have you seen that on any other software?
About the activation, wouldn’t you agree that Alcohol Soft should protect its software from illegal use?

I’ve done some search and found this post: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=131974&page=5

You should continue to post here.


concerning the activation you should contact Phoenix via email and ask him kindly to provide a solution. I know there is one and I am confident that he will be glad to help you like he helped me. Just follow the instructions Phoenix has posted in this thread.

As for your revoked access to the customers forum, I may have a compromise:
I would be glad, if Alcohol-Soft support would set at least a read-only access for certain customers (for peace sake), so that they can benefit from the posted fixes and shared information without “disturbing” the community.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know (and to be honest I am too lazy to check), if there was a reason to unregister you from the customers forum, but my opinion is that you should be entitled to benefit from the supplied fixes.

However, I hope your problems get sorted out.

@ Reefke, from your previous posts on this forum I can understand why you were de-registered. In your 40 first posts you simply whined and bitched about Alcohol this and Alcohol that. Yes your entitled to your opinion, but your opinion is like a broken record, and not everyone feels the way you do, or wants to read this crap on a forum that is designed to be helpful and inciteful. I think online activation is a pain in the arse too, but it doesnt change my view of the programs functionality. You complain about updates, but are any of the competitors products more advanced at what they do?

Analogy - I hate that my government takes 33c in every $1 I earn, but what can I do about it other than…GET OVER IT! When it comes to Alcohol, You should try the same.