I facing pixlate problem,help need pls

i having pixelate problem while playing in my DVD Player after convert and burn.

i don’t know what’s the cause,

step 1.Convert using convertxto dvd
step 2.Burn to DVD-R using imgburn software (select 4x)

Writer Brand "LITE-ON DVDRW SHOW-1693S

anyone help…THX in advance

What is the DVD media you’re using?

A poor burn is the most likely cause either because the media is poor quality or you’ve used the wrong burn speed, like 4x for 16x media.

Hi,i using E-view DVD-R 16X
i think u never heard of it,coz i buy 10 for Rm18 (I’m from malaysia)
the pixelate i talking about is not a worse one,just about 5 second and it’s gone,it’s happend when i burn an action movie especially the image begin to move fast.

sorry,4x for the 16x DVD-R is not suitable speed??
pls advise,Tq

How do they look on your PC?

Cheap media is not really a good idea , Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden are the best choices although more expensive.

If your burner gives only the option for 4x for these discs then the burners firmware doesn’t recognise the media so won’t be able to burn them correctly. If it offers speeds up to 16x then try at 12x or 8x & see how that goes. Burning so slow doesn’t necessarily give better burns.

well,my device allow me to burn a more lower speed 1x,2x & 2.4x
i did try burn at 12x,it’s worse than the present i use (4x)
when view the movie in the pc there’s no problem with that (pixelate) just nice.

i also don’t know what’s the diffrence between +r or -r media each time the store keeper keep asking me the same question(want +r or -r )
it’s there any diffrence if let say i use it just for burning movie (make collection of it )

anyone can slove my problem ?

Your problem is poor quality media. Get some Verbatim +R & try those.

result is same,pixelate come out when the movie sceene comes with loud sound and image moving fast.looks like Verbatime+R is not the problem

P/s : Burn with 4x

Pixelating can be caused by multiple reasons.
Without full CxD log it is hard to say more.