I.E. 8 failure

I had a driver problem. My I.E. Explorer 8 kept freezing and had to restart. I called on my “Help Program” and later HP.When all the powers to be i.e Microsoft and Hp determined my NVIDIA GE Force 9100 was causing this problem and was told to upgrade my driver, low and behold Device Manager told me it was the latest driver. Went on HP support got nowhere, out of desperation I bought into one of those Driver Update deals. The one I picked was Driver Fetch. It scanned all my drivers and updated them, so far so good. Has anyone tried any of these Driver Update programs. I hope I did the right thing, I usually don’t fall for the easy come ons, but thought I would give it a try. I know this is overlong, anyone tried these things successfully or am I a dork. Time will tell.

You probably had the latest driver… and it was likely corrupted, which wreaks all sorts of issues…

if I think I have a driver issue, I download and install it again.

I dont trust those driver mechanics either.

Download from where? I tried Hp. and all the others I was given. None had a driver. Plus Device Manager claimed the device was working properly as was the driver.

If I need a driver for my Nvidia card I always go to www.nvidia.com and download the latest drivers. If I must, I will first go to device mangager and uninstall the ones I currently have.

I don’t feel you can trust device manager to know if a device is working properly or if it has the latest driver. What do you mean by ‘Help Program’?


often microsoft updates will have a working driver when nobody else does…

But on older dells I’m a bit gun shy about video drivers from microsoft updates.


You may startup in SAFE MODE (hit F8 when the OS is booting), remove the nstalled gfx card driver, restart and install a new one, even maybe from the xp install discs. Then set a safe point and try with other gfx drivers…

Thanks for all the replies. I did download from NVIDIA. Seems to be ok, am keeping my fingers crossed. The “Help Program” I was referring to is Microsofts Win 7 help program.