Well it seems something werid is going on, i recentley purchased a firewire cable for my external enclosure which plugs into my 1394 port. This boosted the drive dramtically but i find after a while the drive will just disapear and no longer be there, i dont think i had this problem with usb im not quite sure. What could cause this? recent changes to aspi drivers? or something to do with the drivers on the 1394 port? Anyone heard of this happening before?, ive had a few failes on burns aswell.

A while ago I run over this very informative page.
Give it a try, I’m sure you’ll find useful answers there.

BTW, no need to start a new thread every second day about the same problem. All information you already posted will be lost this way, making it almost impossible to troubleshoot your problems.
This topic emerges from this thread.

This is a different question, just inquiring whats going on

couple things AC,

  • titles in all caps aren’t attention grabbing, they’re sort of annoying.
  • non-descriptive titles like this one will get you FAR fewer views than if you consicely describe your problem in the title.
  • if you MUST make a new thread about an ongoing issue, it’s important to link to any previous threads even remotely concerning the same issue (like the link of yours that pinto posted). it’s important for those that are trying to help to know the background on what has been suggested and what has/has not worked.
  • information is important if you’re looking for answers!

you haven’t included your drive model, firmware, chipset of the enclosure, and so on…
(at least not in this thread where people aren’t familiar with your problem…which is why this probably should have just been continued in your previous thread)

yer fair enough, but i think its more of a OS problem than anything else

…yet you fail to state what your OS is!

work with us!! :slight_smile:

Xp Professional, Sp2

The more information you can include in your post will help more people to help you.

There are very clever people on here that might only visit once a week, they see a post with all the info they need and answer it to the best of their ability.

If the info isn’t there they aren’t going to be around to answer it, likewise a thread title saying “firewire problems - disappearing drive” will attract attention straight away from those that have come across it. “I DUNNO WHATS GOING ON” just attracts people with too much time and curiosity.

This has turned out to be more of a lecture

It has for sure, but hopefully like in every post you will learn from it.