I don't want to say I told you (all) so, but

Check out which are the most reliable media types according to this


I have access to this data as well and decided not to post it yet as the amount of reports is too low to really say something about it. So the claims made in that article can be true but can also be a little too early. Many of the reported numbers also make no sence as they don’t compare against statisically correct marketshare numbers.

LOL! As if we ever doubted you Loob… :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, interesting preliminary info. It has its strengths with being an automated prospective survey.

What is a weakness is that it’s not an independent assessment, and it will be important to have some investigation of sample bias. For example I can see that some drive brands might be over-represented in the survey by the fact that they are bundled with the VSO software, thus leading to preferential reporting. Also, less experienced users are more likely to keep supplying data since I notice that the clumsy hack to switch off the information transmission involves delving around in the registry.

Let’s hope no-one finds a way to engineer the software to deliberately bias the results. Ten quid says Infosmart will be top next time… :wink:

Good for me anyway, NEC burner with MCC media! :bigsmile:

Again and seriously, do not make an opinion over this. The results are based on way too many results yet. However VSO is rapidly getting more results by the day, I will post some of them the coming days here as well (given the fact there are enough reports).

Assuming the meaning is not enough results yet to form a worthwhile conclusion, I think we understand the message.

If you could keep us updated from time-to-time, that would be great…

Sorry, that’s what I meant :wink:

Current most reliable media based on success ration (as you can see it has changed, and will probably continue to change for a while as well)

1 YUDEN000-T02-00 0.960
2 RICOHJPN-R02-03 0.954
3 MKM-A02-00 0.952
4 SONY08D1 0.942
5 MCC-A01-00 0.937

Top DVD+R media:

1 YUDEN000-T02-00 0.960
2 RICOHJPN-R02-03 0.954
3 CMC MAG-F01-00 0.916
4 SONY-D11-00 0.915
5 RITEK-R03-02 0.914

Most used:

1 PRINCO 0.886
2 CMC MAG. AE1 0.880
3 CMC MAG-E01-000.871
4 MCC 02RG20 0.933
5 RITEKG05 0.853

Most used drives:

1 _NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG 0.911
2 HL-DT-STDVDRAM GSA-4163B 0.944
3 _NEC DVD_RW ND-3520A 0.941
4 PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-108 0.859
5 TSSTcorpCD/DVDW TS-H552B 0.833

The numbers after all MID’s and models is the success ration (successfull burns compared to the total amount of burns) Still there are not enough measurements to be statistically correct, so honestly they don’t say much.

It’s very unfortunate to notice that not everyone is carefull in spreading numbers as it’s easy to lie with numbers and this can certainly give a lot of people wrong ideas.

Thank you for the update - BTW does the second section “Top DVD+R media” refer to reliability or popularity?

I presume it’s reliability, presuming that the figures to the right are illustrative of the reported successful burns, which decline as you go down the list.


Yes I see what you mean. Interesting that in the ‘Most used’ category, the most reliable burning discs are second-to-last place, but then I guess that reflects the tendency of most people to buy cheap discs by brand rather than media code.

Indeed. People still need educating. I suppose they think that it makes sense to buy the cheapest disks rather than to pay a little more and get good burns every time. If they think it’s at worst no more expensive per good burn, I imagine they think it’s a good deal.

But is it really, if the 70% that do burn well are still, at the end of the day, on inferior media, that may not last as long, and indeed, will not be as compatible as higher quality disks (if we agree that media quality is indeed the largest single factor in disk playability).

I maintain that for the minimal extra cost these days, one should buy the best disks one can find, and enjoy less hassle, increased expectance of success, and higher compatibility.


Any more interesting info coming out of this commercial survey?

There is some posted here

Interesting. However, 100% of my Pricos burned on my Liteon were “successful”. As always, there is much more to measuring quality than a readable burn. Still nice to see that what we know is the good stuff seems to rise to the top on this measurement.