I don't want to install Flash player 6!

One time out of two, browsing the forum, a popup want me to install Flash Player 6, I must say no before I can read nearly any topic.

At work, it is far worse : I’ve got an error message saying “unable to find flash.ocx”, and I must click “cancel”, then another popup comes and asks me “aborting might cause WindowsNT not to work properly, are you sure you want to cancel ?”, and I mast click yes, and so about one topic out of two !

So even if I wanted to install Flash 6 (and I don’t know if my WinNT account will allow me), I couldn’t.

It must be the ads. Can something be done ?

yeah, those flash ads are making my mouse pointer flicker like crazy. it’s not only annoying, but the ad itself is stupid.

Bush is a moron, and he’s gonna get us in a nuclear war. I think the ad screams “American”, and doesn’t put CD Freaks in such a good light. CD Freaks IS European, right? Level headed?

you could nuke the ad by putting it’s host name in the dns lookup table , but i don’t recommend this since it will cost cdfreaks money it really needs to keep the server running !

guess I should be happy not to have seen Saddam, nor having my mouse pointer ever flickering. They must be for Flash users only :wink:

is that popup just for some people cuz i’ve never gotten that ad, or at least i don’t remember getting that popup

It comes and goes, I got it again yesterday…