I don't want to fill buffer memory

If i uncheck the option alcohol 120%v1.4.2.308 keeps on filling memory buffer before start writing… I tried to check/uncheck option but i get the same result… Nobody knows how can i do? Alcohol takes about 30/40 seconds to fill 128 memory buffer before start writing… Thanks

I have also 128 MB and it takes about 10s. I have asked developer. I will tell you than what it can be

If you want fast answer post it on forum.alcohol-software.com

So problem is probably because you have BIG buffer on burner.
Some burner have big buffer, for example 4MB or 8MB.
and if this drive work under 32x or 24x, it would take about 20-30 secs to write the leadin area.

i have found that i get better performance by reducing the buffer to 64mb. i haven’t tried anything less but 32mb would probably work fine too.