I don't want this to split!



I try everything and I can’t get this movie NOT to split. I hate split movies. I just want one big chunk of a file on my hardddrive but everytime I do it, it splits into like 4-5 1GB files. It’s so annoying. Does anyone know the settings on how to avoid this and keep it just ONE?


DVDFab always splits the VOB files into 1GB chunks when the target is a VIDEO_TS folder. There is no setting to change it. Most PC players will play them as if they were one file (VLC, WinDVD, PowerDVD etc.). You can copy to a single ISO file if your player will open them, or you can use the VOB Passthrough mode in DVD to Mobile to get a single large VOB file, but it won’t have any menus or other DVD-like features.