I don't want my dvd burner close alone!

my little problem is that when i open my dvd burner, automatically close it in 5 seconds aprox.So, how can i make it to open and close it to my wish, and not be always hurried introducing a cd or dvd in my dvd burner.
i have a nec 2500 with 1.07 firmware and nero software.

my problem is that my nec nd 2500A automatically close it after 5 seconds (aprox).
how can i change it in order to be my who decides when be opened or closed?

Is it the drive that’s doing this, or is it software that does this?

To check this, be sure no software is loaded (entering your system’s BIOS may be a good option) and check what happens. If the drive remains open (that’s standard), it must be software that’s doing this…

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Hmm, I’m not sure where that setting is located…
What OS are you running??

Here are a few suggestions:
Uninstall InCd.
Check your drive properties. (right click on the drive in Windows Explorer)
Disable autoplay.

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> Uninstall InCd.

That is probably the problem - eitherwise i can think of no reason why the tray would close by itself.