I don't understand this

Last night I was trying to backup my just purchased Red Strike game by using clone cd with a good media, Clony xxl reported the protection as being Safe disc v2, so I used the copy cd thing to do the copying and on the flay, at a 8 speed burn, so at the end of the burn Clone CD did the yell thing like OH NOOOO! and the pop up saying that the burn was not good, or something to that effect, so out of curiosity I tried the coaster on my other rig and it turned out to be a perfect copy of the original game so since it wasn’t installed yet! I did a install of it without a problem and the game plays just fine, what gives here, why did Clone CD reported a problem where in fact there was none at all , so it seem

Maybe a bug?

What version of CloneCD?

What version of SafeDisc?

Since my post the problem has been “fixed” by changing v\clone cd and cxxl and the result was a sucessfull backup, I don’t remember the v of clone cd I had before but now I use v and the protection is : Safe disc v2 :bigsmile: