I don't understand, all this is so strange!

ok there’s my story…

I have a Pioneer DVR-104 since about a year, everything always worked fine until last week.

I bought new dvd-r’s (same Princo 1x I always buy) and begin to burn some files and the operation crashed (first time happened in the drive life). I tried another one, same thing… My drive can’t burn dvd’s anymmore but still can burn CD’s and read DVD’s and CD’S… So I reinstall IDE controller, ASPI, softwares (tried NERO, REcord MAX, Prassi,)
I tried to clean the lens, I finally format and reinstall my OS, and upgrade the drive firmware from 1.31 to 1.41 (I have a sony OEM, I think), still nothing. So I out of ideas and need help… or I want at least to understand what happened. Is it possible than a drive can’t burn dvd’s but read them without problem???

I got this error message with Nero: “blank check command error” .

other infos…

The error occured as soon as the initialization of the disc finish, it copy some Ko and then stop.

If I do a simualtion, everything works fine.

It also possible to erase a DVD-RW without problem…

All this is so strange!!!

someone have an idea?? thanks!

Princo quality is varying much. So most likely you have got a bad batch of princo discs.

I suggest trying other DVD-R discs :slight_smile:

I have a similar problem. I’m running a DVR-103 which I bought over a year ago. Its operated perfectly, but last week began rejecting DVD-RW discs. I have Memorex, Imation, TDK, and generic discs, and all behaive the same under both Nero Ultra 6 and PrimoDVD. At first I simply couldn’t write, and now I can’t erase either. CD-RWs work fine, and reading is no problem. I tried reinstalling Primo, and I got Nero simply because I thought it might be Primo. Seems inexplicable!