I don't think SOHW-1633s is a bad burner, at least @8x

Hi all.
I just bought 1633s a few days ago, before I found this website. I have read many reviews and posts on the web that say how bad burn quality of 1633s is. (I initially thought I made a bad choice.) However, in my opinion, that is not the case, at least @ 8x. My media is TDK (CMC E01 core), which is not regarded as top quality media. I personally compared the K-probe scan of disks burnt with NEC 3500 and those with 1633s. Not much difference.
The current firmware that I use is BS41, but I had a good result with BS0S, too.

Is 1633s really bad? Are they talking about the quality @ 16x? (I have never burnt DVD @ 16x, so I cannot say anything about the quality at that speed.) Any opinions?

I attach three scans, but I have many like these :slight_smile: .

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Excellent scans :). Yes the current Liteon firmware is starting to produce good results at 8x, even with lower quality media, but it is still lacking at 12x and especially lacking at 16x. See OC-Freak’s excellent [thread=123733]review[/thread] of the 1653S.

You can certainly get great 8x burns on the 1633s, and 4x as well with the right media. But at the same time, 12x and 16x can be iffy depending on media - see other thread on Good Media for 16xx drives - and is limited to a few choices. Definitely 1st gen of 16x burners, and not as reliable as can be. Also, if you look at the 1633s/1653s reviews with Plextor scans, you’ll also see that the laser burns aren’t as well seperated as they could be – they blur together in the scans (the scans where you have several ‘hills’ next to each other - the more distinct they are, the better the burns) - here, the Plextor even does a better job.

What this means is that while the burns may be error free, they can be hard to read on other drives and later in the future, esp. vs. other burners.

These points alone have already gotten me to move over back again to the Pioneers (this time, A09 up from A06, which I also have) – here, the solid DL burns with very low PI/PO error rates (<50) are a blessing vs. the blah 1633s burns (flat <10 PI up to 2nd layer, then peaking up to 250 dropping sharply down to <40PI and staying there to the end).

Here, the better laser optics show through and you can tell with the PI/PO scans from both.

Anyways, it’s not to say the 1633s can’t do a good job at it - it can with the right media. But I’d rather not depend so much on always knowing exactly which media I’m using & post-testing each disc to make sure they work. Here, Pioneer/Plextors have a better time at producing a solid disc given most media.

Maybe the furture firmware will getting better,
16x is still new, give it some time…

CMCMAGM01 at least burns decent at 16x using Memorex BWSE firmware…

Well, despite the other guy’s good 16x burns on the Verbatim (see Good Media thread), my 1633s only got the same as the Memorex F16 - flat lined PI up to the end, then peaked right up to 150+ PI.

like this: http://www.myce.com/wp-content/images_reviews/reviews/memorexf16/image131.png

Anyways, wished it did better at 16x, but it doesn’t, so it’s out the door for me in exchange for a new Pioneer A09.

Doesn’t mean it’s a bad drive, only that the drive is very picky with media in getting great burns (my criteria - flatlined under 40 PI across the board). Given that the latest 16x & 2.4x DL media aren’t burning well in this drive (vs. Pioneer/Plextor, where they’re doing great), I’m not risking my data to a drive that’s marginal in error quality. (not a big issue for those movie backups)

Are you saying that you did a flash on a 1633s to a memorex bwse?:cool:

yes, you can flash a 1213/1633/1653s with the memorex f16 firmwares (BWSB, BWSE) as they are the same hardware.

why do i always get a mountain in the beginning of a disc and what can i do against it? i always get mountains, even with quality media like ricohjpnr01/02/03, mcc003/004 and yuden t02…

this is a TDK +r 4x (CMC F01/00) burnt @8x with MCC003 strategy (4107 MB)

For what ever it is worth I have been getting pretty good results at 12x with cmc mag e01 fw BS41.

chok0, that is an excellent burn. A really, really nice scan. I would not be concerned about a PI max of 21, that is a molehill, not a mountain.

I think you are absolutely right!

I have very good 16X plus results with the RICOHJPNR02 @ RICOHJPNR03.
And now with my first testing with CSOC the minus results @ 6 x are very good.

They are making much progress!
Is Lite-on on the way back to the top?

I am very hopeful, and don’t forget;
Which brand can say that they have kings who work for customers? :bigsmile: :bigsmile: