I don't sure

my doubt is the next:
in the week i recorded a DVD-video in my Nec ND 2500A with a Matrix DVD-R 4X, but Nero recorded it as 8X in 30 minutes.
that’s ok? record at 8x takes 30 min or record at 4x takes 30 min?
i have the v1.07 firmware.the DVD-R was recorded it with no errors

at 2x takes 30 min
4x 15 min
8x 9 min


but if nero show me that the dvd-r is 8X and when i record it takes 30 minutes, waht can be the problem?

DMA not enabled see: http://www.cdrlabs.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=7625 for more info on how to enable it in WinXP. For other Windows versions it’s similar!

i have activated the DMA for my PC

Matrix <-> 8X :confused:
Have you tried better media?? I would be happy to get good burns at their rated 4X if I were you.

Chances are Nero falled back to lower speed as soon as the burn started.

but the other day i recorded a DVD+RW 2.4X and i didn’t know the marc and recorded my data DVD in 30 minutes.
P.S: i wanted to say “i’m not sure” not “i don’t sure”. I am not so idiot to write like that