I don't know where this goes (broken mpeg related)

I have a mpeg file on my computer that is CD 2 of a 2 CD rip of a DVD, the problem is that about 14 minutes 28 seconds into it, it stops playing.

I can’t seek pass that point, but the data appears to be there. I do not have the original DVD, but I do suspect that it is a bad rip. Does anybody know a way to repair the mpeg where it will play past that point? Maybe even delete one or two seconds of it so that if it’s something with and invalid frame that it will play?

If the DVD title you are referring to and dont own is copyrighted, this would make the content of this thread to be against forum rules.

Sorry about my delay, but no, the DVD isn’t what would be considered “official”.

Try to rip it again by DVDShrink and then burn it.