I don't know what standalone settop DVD (BD/USB/SD/etc.) player I need



I’ve had several DVD players in the past, and none of them really stood out as good OR bad. Most-recently, I’ve been using an old Samsung DVD-1080P9/XAA region-free single-slot connected by old composite video & analog audio to a big flat-screen, and it has done OK. But it has gotten progressively more-sensitive to scratched/dirty DVDs to the point that it won’t play a clean disk with no visible scratches. We had to watch the last 5 minutes of Interstellar last night in the tub on the wall-mount TV/DVD combo there.

Before this, I think we were using a noisy, over-complicated JVC XV-FA95GD 7-disk changer. I don’t remember any specific problems with it, but when I pulled it out of its box last night, it powered up but output NO video or audio through any ports.

So I’ve been browsing Amazon & eBay, and the hardware forum here, but nothing is organized or current enough for me to find what I’m looking for: a simple high-quality DURABLE player with hi-res, progressive scan, DVD upconversion, a variety of outputs (at least composite & HDMI), quick boot, quick read, & support for a lot of disk/data formats. I don’t care about karaoke, BD/HDDVD, disk changers, Pandora or whatever the other apps are; but I’d favor USB/SD input, networking (at least for firmware, if not NetFlix/Prime), small chassis, & a remote with less than 40 buttons. IDK what Toslink & SCART are, so IDK if I need them. But if they’re available with features like no-PUOPs, region-free, easy ripping to the USB/SD ports, smartphone/BT/WiFi interface, NTSC/PAL playback/output; that would interest me.

I don’t really have a budget, but I’m not spending $250. I don’t know that I need to go over $150.


I have a LG DN898 I’m satisfied with .
It is only a player.
The disc drawer is a bit weaker than I would prefer.
I doubt you can get a new one of these but maybe LG offers a new similar model.
I will see if I can find one.
This one has component,composite ,s-video , & HDMI out.

It has a toslink . This is only necessary if you have a receiver/amp that can use this for audio or a video card on your PC that has a Toslink.
SCART is for European use. (Maybe elsewhere too).
You would have to go to extremes to use it in the US.

The remote has a lot of buttons but less than 40.
I use a universal MX-650 for all my devices.
So the original has only been used for learning to the MX-650.

It also upscales.
The USB input is limited so not its best feature.
No SD input.