I dont know how to fix this

ok well mate of mine sent me an image of a game called toca race driver 2
and it came in mdf md0 and mds files now i read some where about how to read thoes files ( before i knew they were alcohol 120% files ) and they said to rename them to .iso files soo i did that and for some reason when i extract all the files out of the ISO theres a couple of files that just wont work and i dont know weather this is beacuse of me changing the file names or weather thoes couple of files are just corupt i can install the game up till it tries to load thoes couple of files and it keeps saying make sure the file exists or is not write protected and i figured out that the file is there but its set to read only i try to change it soo its not read only and it says access is denied and soo i click ignore and it changes but the game still wont install some one tell me whats wrong ive tryed to explain this to best of my knowledge
some help would be great thanx

by the way i used ISO buster to try and extract the all the files and i also tryed mounting the iso image with daemon tools and still isnt working
any way please help me would really appreciate it

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