I don't get it - why is quality score low?

I don’t get it…I think these are relatively low PIE/PIF & Jitter scores but the Quality score is very low for everything I’m burning.

Verbatim 16x

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Quality Score is based only on the highest PIF, provided that there are no POF, so only the PIF maximum of 24 and the size of the samples in number of ECC blocks are used to calculate the Quality Score; the total number of PIE and PIF are ignored for his calculation.

I’m not familiar with the Philips SDVD8820 as a scanning drive, so I can’t comment on the specifics of this scan except that the Jitter reported is meaningless and that this drive might not be a good scanning drive.

an 8x scan with 1.6% jitter??? WOW

Your DVD buner is not reliable for scanning :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest doing a Transfer Rate Test with the Pioneer instead.

A single, large spike in PIF will ruin the QS. You can ignore it. It is a very good scan. Having said that, it is a questionable scan because of the unheard of low jitter. Either the Phillips is a poor scanner or just a poor jitter scanner. Try scanning with a different drive to verify.

This jitter is abnormal therefore no good for taking into consideration