I don't care about rules


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Anybody that has a Half Life 2 key will probably have used it themself to play there own copy.

dont care about rules…

If you bought the game, it’ll have a key.

it’s to go through steam to play online… need a key tho… either half life 1 key or blue shift key

As i said in earlier post, if you bought it, it will have a key on the instructions :iagree:

i didn’t buy it, im asking anyone who might not play it anymore to be nice and give it to me so i can play DOD on steam online…

Ahhh I see - so you are after something for nothing? Did you actually read the forum rules? But I see you don’t care about rules. Nice couple of first post, admitting to pirating software - I look forward with interest for your other posts!!

And I don’t care about you.

Out spot, out I say!