I do not understand



If I am using a program such as dvd cloner 2, when I copy a movie does that information become common knowlege, in other words is there someone somewhere sitting behind a computer that knows every DVD i copy, or does that info stay with me?


Nobody is watching you, as long as DVD Cloner 2 is legal in your country, you are 100% fine.

I wouldnt get so paranoid, as long as you are doing it legally (even if you where doing it illegaly nobody would care on a small scale) as far as I know they (being the MPAA, or the police) cant track what DVDs you copy on your computer, its when you start downloading illegaly that you can get problems. If you are doing anything illegal, the only real way people will find out is if you start selling them to people, and eventually, somebody will report you, selling pirate stuff is wrong anyway, but I will leave that upto you to decide.

To cut it down, no, nobody can find out what DVDs you copy, as long as you keep it legal, and dont go around saying you do, and that you dont download movies.

btw, what country are you from?

Ben :slight_smile:


If you’re really that paranoid … disconnect your internet connection while copying a movie. :wink: :bigsmile: